Project: A paper Eye

I had this gold paper bought for origami projects in general but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to use it at anything. It was so nice that I wanted to be very sure that my project would enhance the “golden beauty”.

A few months ago I found a book about architectural origami (this is a cool way of saying pop-up building book).  The designs are ordered by difficulty but I found myself frustrated at the second design which was the London Eye.

The template which you had to reproduce was half of a A4 paper size model. I started cutting and I noticed I couldn’t finish the model because some pieces I had to carve were small and curvy. It was like a surgeon operating on a flea. So I decided then, to take my golden paper and do the Eye on a larger scale.

It took me 3 hours to finish it because of the heavy drawing, cutting and folding. In conclusion, I realised two things:

1. It wasn’t such a good idea to use the golden paper because it was too thin to stay stiff.

2. I can be a hand model now after pressing on a knife for 2 hours.

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