Project: Christmas decorations

Like it or not, it is that time again. A time when glitter and sparkles are acceptable in almost every situation. So, between all the shopping for presents, decorating and preparing the Christmas dinner we found a little time to bring a little of that joy here.

This is our modest DIY contribution to the christmas tree, but we will hang these decorations in it with much pride. đŸ™‚ Next year, we plan on having a whole 2m tall christmas tree (if we can fit it in one of our apartments) decorated with stuff made by our very own hands. Or, if we get way too creative we can have two christmas trees. One for each.

Last week I got my hands on a jar of gold glitter. Actually it is a darker shade of gold. On the label it says bronze but I would say that it is something in between. I would have sprinkled glitter all over the place, as I found myself in a very festive mood. But, on second thought, I decided to turn this old project into something festive and also to do something out of toilet paper rolls. I saw these wonderful  toilet paper roll creations and I thought they would look awesome in my Christmas tree. Speaking of paper, you can make many tree decorations but we chose this paper star because it looks great.

I also am preparing some accessories for the New Year’s Eve party as well as something that I will wear and if all goes well, I can’t wait to show you.

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