Project: Wedding treats for special guests

One of my dear and old friends has gotten married recently and besides the gift I wanted to give her,  I offered to create something special for the ceremony.

So the tradition is to give some sort of souvenir to all participants so that they can remember your wedding. A few months ago I talked to the future bride and after an hour, we almost decided not to make anything. We concluded that besides your family and maybe very, very close friends, nobody keeps the souvenirs they receive at someone else’s wedding.

But after years of ceremonies with souvenirs we couldn’t help but consider a wedding without them, some sort of bad luck.  The brainstorm began and the final idea was to give them candy, but in a more fancy way.

So this how the Chinese boxes were born. All 186 of them. The color of the box was picked by the bride to match her dress tone and the red paper inside was chosen to match the color of the ballroom (they had a huge red chandelier). The wax seal I used was also red to complete the look of the box and the two hearts were just perfect for the event.

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2 thoughts on “Project: Wedding treats for special guests

  1. OMG- thats a lot of patience!! Ur friend is really lucky 🙂 How thoughtful of you.. Such wedding gifts stay forever, not just in the minds of the bride n groom but in all of those special 186 people for whom you made them..
    totally sweet f u!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Shraddha (from India)

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