Project: Wire necklace with a touch of turquoise

Apparently turquoise is my favorite color. If you would have asked me what my favorite color was, I would not have said turquoise, but then again what do I know.

So, for this necklace I was inspired by a bracelet I own, the metal wire was thicker but mine did the job pretty well, I think. The beads are plastic and they cannot be put on a wire, so the only way to use them was to glue them.

The actual shape of the wire wasn’t really thought through or planned. I can describe it as a curly-golden-thin-wiry hair.  Hope you like it.

The best part of this project is that it can be worn in two different ways: as it is shown in the pictures or around the neck (the material is flexible and light so you don’t have to worry about suffocating yourself 🙂 ).

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Project: Turquoise Hourglass

After (only) 4 months I decided to use my metal wires which I bought from a Chinese market.  My stock included gold, green and blue so I decided not to discriminate and use them all. I didn’t have a clear idea what I could make but I was watching TV one night and I began braiding them. After I finished one I decided to make a cage and fill it with beads.

Well, as you can see the cage was transformed into an hourglass 🙂 I glued the beads together so they  don’t  fall out.

I hope you like it.

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Project: Seashell Bling

I always liked seashells – their texture, their form and their color. So I wanted to do something with them that I could wear and not be a hippie.

I painted two seashells with blue and gold on the interior so I could still keep the wavy exterior in its natural color. Now I can wear it two ways…with the golden chain in the center for a more glam look or you can wear it as a reminder of summer.

p.s.: It wasn’t supposed to be so bling-bling but I couldn’t find a copper chain or a less golden one 🙂

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Project: Sequined bow

The holidays are over for almost a week but we’re still in a festive mood so it’s not too late to show you a little self-made accessory.

There’s not much to say actually as it is nothing to elaborate. I just found this sequined band and some glittery, gold ribbon at a fabric supply store and instantly thought of a few ideas. The bow has a safety-pin attached to it and it can be worn in a ton of ways, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Being in a good mood I played around a little with my festive bow and set up a “photo shoot session”. You can see it even on the cover of a magazine. Literally. 🙂

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Project: Chains and satin shoelaces

On my walks through our Old City I (re)discovered the only fabric and textile store remaining.  They have a wide collection of fabrics but given the fact that I had no plan to make any clothes and I couldn’t just leave the store empty handed, I bought two chains (one, golden looking and the other one had a metal industrial look to it) and three satin shoelaces (green apple, imperial velvet and electric blue).

I actually had no real plan for them but on my way home I just knew I had to make something out of them that night. So I did the only thing that has been obsessing me for a couple of months now – the chain and fabric combo.

So, with the metal looking chain I made two necklaces, using the green and the blue satin shoelace. The best part is that you can also wear them as a bracelet.

The golden chain was tricky because the store sold me their last meter of chain. It was too bling bling to wear it like a necklace so I decided to cut it into seven parts and form an elegant bracelet.

The thing that I didn’t take into account at first was the closing mechanism. So I had no choice but to complicate the procedure and use regular string to bind the seven small chains together. For now I use a golden gift wrapping string so I can wear it on emergency clubbing nights 🙂 but I do need a solid closing system.


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Project: Butterflies on the runaway

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I starting making butterflies a few years ago for my sister’s wedding. I had to create 120 pieces with 12 different models, so I choose the prettiest but also the easiest ones.  I haven’t gotten to this final stage of a butterfly before now, because I made my own variation of the main blueprint so I can still get that “awwww…that’s so cute!” effect without spending 30 minutes on one.

I liked the model so much that I decided to make something wearable. I used a red/purple waxed paper and double taped it. I found some nice material from my mum’s secret stash and covered it.  I have to say it wasn’t a picnic,  I had to make the finish touch using a super glue so the wings could stick to their position.

I could say: blood, sweat and tears were shed, but I would be lying 🙂 I will improve my project and come back with better results.

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