Project: Rose paper bouquet

I always wanted to make some paper flowers using my origami skills and materials but after a full day of trying I realized that if I wanted to make some realistic flowers I should:

  1. Travel to China for some advanced origami courses, buy or make my own paper and then use a large square to make a very small flower after a few hours of work
  2. Look for an alternative method on the web and discover that I never thought about crepe paper since kindergarten.

I took the second option as you probably would have guessed and a whole new world opened for me, where the crepe paper was the queen and king. I googled some tutorials and I eventually found out that the most popular flower was the rose.  So for my first trial I went for a rose bouquet. I bought gardening wires, paper tape and crepe paper. It’s very easy to make but it’s time consuming (maybe because I‘m new to this). I made about 17 roses for this project.

I will try some other types of bouquets to see which is the best one but in the meantime I will leave you with this project to judge and comment on.


Project: DIY Missoni inspired shoes

Customize ALL the things! This seems to be the rule by which we live our life lately. Joking aside, a while ago, when it was too cold to even dare to think about leaving the house without a pair of boots or wellies, I found this awesome R29 DIY tutorial here. As I was previously drooling over the real deal Missoni for Target shoes but knew that I could never get my hands on one pair I knew I had to try this DIY project.

If you want and have the patience to make your own pair everything is explained step by step on Refinery 29’s website so there would be no use for me to waste any more words.

All that I will say is that you’ll need a pair of simple, white canvas trainers and some textile markers. I found my pair of shoes in New Look and they were a bargain. Sadly, I can’t find them on their website, maybe they are sold out. Anyway, you can find something similar in H&M, like these babies over here. I actually didn’t use textile markers as I couldn’t be bothered with going out and buying some, so I used Sharpies instead.

Now, all I have to do is put some shoelaces on them, take them out for a spin ’round town and pray that it won’t rain. If it will rain I’ll make sure to tell you all about how I ruined them.

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Project: Christmas decorations

Like it or not, it is that time again. A time when glitter and sparkles are acceptable in almost every situation. So, between all the shopping for presents, decorating and preparing the Christmas dinner we found a little time to bring a little of that joy here.

This is our modest DIY contribution to the christmas tree, but we will hang these decorations in it with much pride. 🙂 Next year, we plan on having a whole 2m tall christmas tree (if we can fit it in one of our apartments) decorated with stuff made by our very own hands. Or, if we get way too creative we can have two christmas trees. One for each.

Last week I got my hands on a jar of gold glitter. Actually it is a darker shade of gold. On the label it says bronze but I would say that it is something in between. I would have sprinkled glitter all over the place, as I found myself in a very festive mood. But, on second thought, I decided to turn this old project into something festive and also to do something out of toilet paper rolls. I saw these wonderful  toilet paper roll creations and I thought they would look awesome in my Christmas tree. Speaking of paper, you can make many tree decorations but we chose this paper star because it looks great.

I also am preparing some accessories for the New Year’s Eve party as well as something that I will wear and if all goes well, I can’t wait to show you.

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Project: Homemade pop-up card

It was my birthday a few days ago and apart from my present, I received a pop up card that had a circus theme. It was pretty awesome so I decided that I can do a similar one for my friend’s birthday. Considering the fact that I’m not a manufacturing company that can make greeting cards in just a few seconds,  I decided to take my time and I actually finished it two days ago (3 days after her birthday).

So the plan was to make a pop-up card that actually had a meaning. I had to choose between the two cities that she loved – Paris and London. I have to be honest here, even though I know she will read this, I chose Paris for her because it was easier to cut at that size, instead of the London’s Eye.  The theme was <<handmade>>, so I combined the Eiffel Tower with fabrics and wool threads. The exterior was pretty messed up after I coloured the tower blue with my finger and it was also to “cheap” with only one piece of white paper, folded in two. A light blue paper and a golden pattern paper did the trick.  Also, for the interior I used an iron to crease the fabric’s margin so it would look 3D. (too much hi-tech news around me)

I actually wasn’t very convinced it was as pretty as it ought to be because it looked like two people had worked on it. The exterior was very fancy and the interior was 100% handmade and looked like I did it in an 8th grade art class. :)) But she was happy so I decided to share it here.

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