Project: Fashion Paper bouquet

I wanted to make this project for a long time but I encountered a bit of trouble the first time I tried it. I knew it wasn’t hard but it needed time and patience.

I like real flowers but I have a problem with changing them or throwing them away. Also, I have lots of old magazines just laying around the house so now was as good a time as any to start work. The blue vase is from IKEA and I filled it with decorative sand in two colors – white and pink. I didn’t think I had to fill it  but the paper bouquet was pretty heavy and the willow twig wasn’t strong enough to hold it in the center.

So this is my version of a flower bouquet, meant to brighten your day!

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Project: Asian B-day Card

After creating the first pop-up card for my friend and partner, I got a special request. I had to make a birthday card for a friend that is fascinated with Asia. The only building that I had a diagram for was the Golden Pavilion in Japan built in 1397 as a retirement home.

So the card was supposed to be colorful so I decided to use a glossy anniversary exterior and glue some cubist wrapping paper to enhance the golden pavilion. Hope you like it!

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Project: Seashell Bling

I always liked seashells – their texture, their form and their color. So I wanted to do something with them that I could wear and not be a hippie.

I painted two seashells with blue and gold on the interior so I could still keep the wavy exterior in its natural color. Now I can wear it two ways…with the golden chain in the center for a more glam look or you can wear it as a reminder of summer.

p.s.: It wasn’t supposed to be so bling-bling but I couldn’t find a copper chain or a less golden one 🙂

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Project: Sequined bow

The holidays are over for almost a week but we’re still in a festive mood so it’s not too late to show you a little self-made accessory.

There’s not much to say actually as it is nothing to elaborate. I just found this sequined band and some glittery, gold ribbon at a fabric supply store and instantly thought of a few ideas. The bow has a safety-pin attached to it and it can be worn in a ton of ways, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Being in a good mood I played around a little with my festive bow and set up a “photo shoot session”. You can see it even on the cover of a magazine. Literally. 🙂

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Project: Christmas decorations

Like it or not, it is that time again. A time when glitter and sparkles are acceptable in almost every situation. So, between all the shopping for presents, decorating and preparing the Christmas dinner we found a little time to bring a little of that joy here.

This is our modest DIY contribution to the christmas tree, but we will hang these decorations in it with much pride. 🙂 Next year, we plan on having a whole 2m tall christmas tree (if we can fit it in one of our apartments) decorated with stuff made by our very own hands. Or, if we get way too creative we can have two christmas trees. One for each.

Last week I got my hands on a jar of gold glitter. Actually it is a darker shade of gold. On the label it says bronze but I would say that it is something in between. I would have sprinkled glitter all over the place, as I found myself in a very festive mood. But, on second thought, I decided to turn this old project into something festive and also to do something out of toilet paper rolls. I saw these wonderful  toilet paper roll creations and I thought they would look awesome in my Christmas tree. Speaking of paper, you can make many tree decorations but we chose this paper star because it looks great.

I also am preparing some accessories for the New Year’s Eve party as well as something that I will wear and if all goes well, I can’t wait to show you.

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Project: Willow nest

I really love the shape of trees, especially when it is used in stencils and in jewelry so I decided to make…something.  It’s actually not related to any of the two categories mentioned above but I did it anyway.

Last winter, I was walking through my parents’ garden and I saw the branches of a “curly” willow. They looked perfect as they were, just sitting in a vase. But then I thought something was missing so I made a few white origami flowers to attach to the branches.

After a few days I bought an electric blue paint and I thought the contrast between it and the flowers would look awesome so I decided to color the wood (It took forever because I had to use a brush to avoid the already-glued flowers).

Then I found this amazing white bird in a hobby store and I decided to adopt it and place her in the willow nest. Now, this arrangement sits on my living room table.


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*Photographing this project actually made play around in the light graffiti department.

Project: Customized tshirts

What to do when you have a whole bunch of t-shirts that you never get to wear? Give them away? Put them all on in order to keep you warm? Nope. Transforming them is the answer.

So, I found myself with a few t-shirts with cute or funny designs, but otherwise quite plain and rather boyish. The idea of customizing them had been haunting me for quite a while but I didn’t figure out exactly what to do until one sleepless night. I grabbed my good old friends: a pair of scissors, a needle and some thread and I added a little magic in the form of ribbons and chains.

Seriously now, I cut off the sleeves, the collar and a deep V in the back and after a little measuring I sewed the ribbon and the chain and got what you see in the pictures. Geeky t-shirts with a feminine touch.

The wonderful t-shirts had been bought from, and while we’re at it, here you can get a glimpse of how they used to look before: black one and white one.

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