Project: Colorful bow dress

Let’s start with a disclaimer: this dress was not made by us, we just pimped it 🙂 We thought we should start small and begin with a half done project. This dress was perfect because it was simple, two-colored and made out of cotton.

My single and most important problem was that the top was see-through and the only location I would wear such a thing is to beach. (maybe it’s just me). On a trip to IKEA we found this cool colorful material which we bought not knowing exactly what we would do with it. Until we bought the dress. The two, clicked, made love and produced the dress shown below.

Our idea was to create a dress that would be different from 80% of the dresses out there. After seeing the front you would have thought, “oh, it is ok but not special”, but when you saw the back: “hey, that’s pretty :)”.

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Project: Sequined bow

The holidays are over for almost a week but we’re still in a festive mood so it’s not too late to show you a little self-made accessory.

There’s not much to say actually as it is nothing to elaborate. I just found this sequined band and some glittery, gold ribbon at a fabric supply store and instantly thought of a few ideas. The bow has a safety-pin attached to it and it can be worn in a ton of ways, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Being in a good mood I played around a little with my festive bow and set up a “photo shoot session”. You can see it even on the cover of a magazine. Literally. 🙂

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Projects: Bows

This is such an easy and fun project. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of different, pretty, coloured fabrics. And, of course, a little sewing knowledge. You can hand-sew them or use a sewing machine, but, trust me, you will want to use a sewing machine after hand-sewing 3 or so.

The idea came to me (well, I have to admit, it is no big deal really) because I needed something to cheer up dull, everyday outfits and, at the same time, bring a “girlie” touch to them.

The ways to use them are countless. Attach a safety-pin and you have some sort of a brooch, a hair clip and wear them in your hair, a chain and wear them around your neck. You can even turn them into bow ties.

These are only a few of the bows I made and  I still have fabric leftovers and a lot of new ideas on how to wear them, so there will be more of them coming soon.

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