Project: Rose paper bouquet

I always wanted to make some paper flowers using my origami skills and materials but after a full day of trying I realized that if I wanted to make some realistic flowers I should:

  1. Travel to China for some advanced origami courses, buy or make my own paper and then use a large square to make a very small flower after a few hours of work
  2. Look for an alternative method on the web and discover that I never thought about crepe paper since kindergarten.

I took the second option as you probably would have guessed and a whole new world opened for me, where the crepe paper was the queen and king. I googled some tutorials and I eventually found out that the most popular flower was the rose.  So for my first trial I went for a rose bouquet. I bought gardening wires, paper tape and crepe paper. It’s very easy to make but it’s time consuming (maybe because I‘m new to this). I made about 17 roses for this project.

I will try some other types of bouquets to see which is the best one but in the meantime I will leave you with this project to judge and comment on.


Project: Wedding treats for special guests

One of my dear and old friends has gotten married recently and besides the gift I wanted to give her,  I offered to create something special for the ceremony.

So the tradition is to give some sort of souvenir to all participants so that they can remember your wedding. A few months ago I talked to the future bride and after an hour, we almost decided not to make anything. We concluded that besides your family and maybe very, very close friends, nobody keeps the souvenirs they receive at someone else’s wedding.

But after years of ceremonies with souvenirs we couldn’t help but consider a wedding without them, some sort of bad luck.  The brainstorm began and the final idea was to give them candy, but in a more fancy way.

So this how the Chinese boxes were born. All 186 of them. The color of the box was picked by the bride to match her dress tone and the red paper inside was chosen to match the color of the ballroom (they had a huge red chandelier). The wax seal I used was also red to complete the look of the box and the two hearts were just perfect for the event.

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Project: Fashion Paper bouquet

I wanted to make this project for a long time but I encountered a bit of trouble the first time I tried it. I knew it wasn’t hard but it needed time and patience.

I like real flowers but I have a problem with changing them or throwing them away. Also, I have lots of old magazines just laying around the house so now was as good a time as any to start work. The blue vase is from IKEA and I filled it with decorative sand in two colors – white and pink. I didn’t think I had to fill it  but the paper bouquet was pretty heavy and the willow twig wasn’t strong enough to hold it in the center.

So this is my version of a flower bouquet, meant to brighten your day!

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Project: Asian B-day Card

After creating the first pop-up card for my friend and partner, I got a special request. I had to make a birthday card for a friend that is fascinated with Asia. The only building that I had a diagram for was the Golden Pavilion in Japan built in 1397 as a retirement home.

So the card was supposed to be colorful so I decided to use a glossy anniversary exterior and glue some cubist wrapping paper to enhance the golden pavilion. Hope you like it!

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Project: Willow nest

I really love the shape of trees, especially when it is used in stencils and in jewelry so I decided to make…something.  It’s actually not related to any of the two categories mentioned above but I did it anyway.

Last winter, I was walking through my parents’ garden and I saw the branches of a “curly” willow. They looked perfect as they were, just sitting in a vase. But then I thought something was missing so I made a few white origami flowers to attach to the branches.

After a few days I bought an electric blue paint and I thought the contrast between it and the flowers would look awesome so I decided to color the wood (It took forever because I had to use a brush to avoid the already-glued flowers).

Then I found this amazing white bird in a hobby store and I decided to adopt it and place her in the willow nest. Now, this arrangement sits on my living room table.


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*Photographing this project actually made play around in the light graffiti department.

Project: Homemade pop-up card

It was my birthday a few days ago and apart from my present, I received a pop up card that had a circus theme. It was pretty awesome so I decided that I can do a similar one for my friend’s birthday. Considering the fact that I’m not a manufacturing company that can make greeting cards in just a few seconds,  I decided to take my time and I actually finished it two days ago (3 days after her birthday).

So the plan was to make a pop-up card that actually had a meaning. I had to choose between the two cities that she loved – Paris and London. I have to be honest here, even though I know she will read this, I chose Paris for her because it was easier to cut at that size, instead of the London’s Eye.  The theme was <<handmade>>, so I combined the Eiffel Tower with fabrics and wool threads. The exterior was pretty messed up after I coloured the tower blue with my finger and it was also to “cheap” with only one piece of white paper, folded in two. A light blue paper and a golden pattern paper did the trick.  Also, for the interior I used an iron to crease the fabric’s margin so it would look 3D. (too much hi-tech news around me)

I actually wasn’t very convinced it was as pretty as it ought to be because it looked like two people had worked on it. The exterior was very fancy and the interior was 100% handmade and looked like I did it in an 8th grade art class. :)) But she was happy so I decided to share it here.

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Project: Home sweet some keychain

One of my dearest friends and fellow crafts lover brought me this wonderful gift from her trip to Thailand.

You would think this is a easy-peasy project since you have all the fabrics almost cut to measure, exactly the amount of thread you need and even a piece of paper with the instructions on how to do it. But what if I told you the instructions were written in Thai? I can’t even begin to tell you how hopeless i felt trying to understand it. I genuinely felt sorry for all those illiterate persons and felt bad thinking how hard it is for them to get through life. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and I got myself together and tried to learn Thai. Well, learning is a big word, figuring out is more appropriate. Oh, how silly of me! How could i have the audacity of thinking i could do that? Our culture is not even remotely close to theirs.

So, I began looking at the project from another perspective. That is, how would I do it if i had no instructions at all and I started the project from scratch. I’m not actually a very competitive person and I’m not the kind to thoughtlessly enjoy any kind of challenge so this was quite big for me.

It is almost a miracle I got it done because even the thought of explaining the entire process gives me a headache. So, below you can find a few “making-of” pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend i have written thousands of words about it.

The make-you-own-house kit is sold by Pinn Shop, as it said on the package. If I ever visit Bangkok, but that is not very likely, I will make sure to pay this shop a visit. In the meantime, you can check out their website if you are among the few lucky ones to understand Thai.

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