Project: Rose paper bouquet

I always wanted to make some paper flowers using my origami skills and materials but after a full day of trying I realized that if I wanted to make some realistic flowers I should:

  1. Travel to China for some advanced origami courses, buy or make my own paper and then use a large square to make a very small flower after a few hours of work
  2. Look for an alternative method on the web and discover that I never thought about crepe paper since kindergarten.

I took the second option as you probably would have guessed and a whole new world opened for me, where the crepe paper was the queen and king. I googled some tutorials and I eventually found out that the most popular flower was the rose.  So for my first trial I went for a rose bouquet. I bought gardening wires, paper tape and crepe paper. It’s very easy to make but it’s time consuming (maybe because I‘m new to this). I made about 17 roses for this project.

I will try some other types of bouquets to see which is the best one but in the meantime I will leave you with this project to judge and comment on.