Project:Sand filled syrup bottle

Yes, as I wrote in the title I used a syrup bottle from IKEA :).  I think it was cranberry flavored. I really liked the bottle and I wanted to keep it, but not in a functional way but rather in a decorative one.

First, I tried removing the labels but apparently IKEA doesn’t want you to do that because after five different methods I was only able to remove the paper but not the glue. It looked awful and I had to find a solution  – wrap it with string. I bought a nice dark grey string with just a bit of colored thread in it.

My vision of using curly willow branches is never ending and this project is no exception. I bought a turquoise spray so I can color more and easy. As you can see, I was so psyched about it that I even colored some sand I found (FYI, I learned this is not the way to obtain colored sand).

It seemed it was missing something, so I added some origami cherry blossoms, made from  patterned paper. For filling, I used 3 types of sand (white, black and handmade turquoise).

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Project: Fashion Paper bouquet

I wanted to make this project for a long time but I encountered a bit of trouble the first time I tried it. I knew it wasn’t hard but it needed time and patience.

I like real flowers but I have a problem with changing them or throwing them away. Also, I have lots of old magazines just laying around the house so now was as good a time as any to start work. The blue vase is from IKEA and I filled it with decorative sand in two colors – white and pink. I didn’t think I had to fill it  but the paper bouquet was pretty heavy and the willow twig wasn’t strong enough to hold it in the center.

So this is my version of a flower bouquet, meant to brighten your day!

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Project: Asian B-day Card

After creating the first pop-up card for my friend and partner, I got a special request. I had to make a birthday card for a friend that is fascinated with Asia. The only building that I had a diagram for was the Golden Pavilion in Japan built in 1397 as a retirement home.

So the card was supposed to be colorful so I decided to use a glossy anniversary exterior and glue some cubist wrapping paper to enhance the golden pavilion. Hope you like it!

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Project: Willow nest

I really love the shape of trees, especially when it is used in stencils and in jewelry so I decided to make…something.  It’s actually not related to any of the two categories mentioned above but I did it anyway.

Last winter, I was walking through my parents’ garden and I saw the branches of a “curly” willow. They looked perfect as they were, just sitting in a vase. But then I thought something was missing so I made a few white origami flowers to attach to the branches.

After a few days I bought an electric blue paint and I thought the contrast between it and the flowers would look awesome so I decided to color the wood (It took forever because I had to use a brush to avoid the already-glued flowers).

Then I found this amazing white bird in a hobby store and I decided to adopt it and place her in the willow nest. Now, this arrangement sits on my living room table.


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*Photographing this project actually made play around in the light graffiti department.

Project: Butterflies on the runaway

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I starting making butterflies a few years ago for my sister’s wedding. I had to create 120 pieces with 12 different models, so I choose the prettiest but also the easiest ones.  I haven’t gotten to this final stage of a butterfly before now, because I made my own variation of the main blueprint so I can still get that “awwww…that’s so cute!” effect without spending 30 minutes on one.

I liked the model so much that I decided to make something wearable. I used a red/purple waxed paper and double taped it. I found some nice material from my mum’s secret stash and covered it.  I have to say it wasn’t a picnic,  I had to make the finish touch using a super glue so the wings could stick to their position.

I could say: blood, sweat and tears were shed, but I would be lying 🙂 I will improve my project and come back with better results.

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Project: Paper peacock

This origami figurine was one of my favourites because you could use three different types of paper and you could get a stunning effect with little effort. The tail of the peacock was actually made using the same technique we all use when we get bored and we play with a napkin 🙂

I wanted to create an oversized figurine, the biggest I could make using paper I could find in architecture shops.  The body and crown were made from white patterned paper and the tail was actually sold as a wrapping paper. As you can see, there is a big difference between the actual body and the tail and that’s because I didn’t have the heart to cut such a nice and beautiful news print wrapping paper.

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Project: A paper Eye

I had this gold paper bought for origami projects in general but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to use it at anything. It was so nice that I wanted to be very sure that my project would enhance the “golden beauty”.

A few months ago I found a book about architectural origami (this is a cool way of saying pop-up building book).  The designs are ordered by difficulty but I found myself frustrated at the second design which was the London Eye.

The template which you had to reproduce was half of a A4 paper size model. I started cutting and I noticed I couldn’t finish the model because some pieces I had to carve were small and curvy. It was like a surgeon operating on a flea. So I decided then, to take my golden paper and do the Eye on a larger scale.

It took me 3 hours to finish it because of the heavy drawing, cutting and folding. In conclusion, I realised two things:

1. It wasn’t such a good idea to use the golden paper because it was too thin to stay stiff.

2. I can be a hand model now after pressing on a knife for 2 hours.

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