Project: Chains and satin shoelaces

On my walks through our Old City I (re)discovered the only fabric and textile store remaining.  They have a wide collection of fabrics but given the fact that I had no plan to make any clothes and I couldn’t just leave the store empty handed, I bought two chains (one, golden looking and the other one had a metal industrial look to it) and three satin shoelaces (green apple, imperial velvet and electric blue).

I actually had no real plan for them but on my way home I just knew I had to make something out of them that night. So I did the only thing that has been obsessing me for a couple of months now – the chain and fabric combo.

So, with the metal looking chain I made two necklaces, using the green and the blue satin shoelace. The best part is that you can also wear them as a bracelet.

The golden chain was tricky because the store sold me their last meter of chain. It was too bling bling to wear it like a necklace so I decided to cut it into seven parts and form an elegant bracelet.

The thing that I didn’t take into account at first was the closing mechanism. So I had no choice but to complicate the procedure and use regular string to bind the seven small chains together. For now I use a golden gift wrapping string so I can wear it on emergency clubbing nights 🙂 but I do need a solid closing system.


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