Project: Gold chain bag with blue satin

For us, this was the Everest of projects . It took us 6 months to make and it was the starting point of this blog. I cannot describe the steps we made to create it because it took so long that I forgot when we did what 🙂 At the beginning we wanted to make two bags but when we realized that it was harder to do then to talk we put all our efforts in building one.

I first what to say that this is our first bag made from scratch, so please be gentle :)). We bought the same material in 4 different colors (navy blue with electric blue and charcoal black with purple haze).  The exterior was darker and the interior had the bright color. The blueprint for this bag was for a clutch model, we wanted to make it a 2 in 1, you could wear it also on your shoulder when you got tired of carrying it in your hand.

The biggest problem we encountered was finding the right chain. The quest was for a sandy gold chain that could fit a satin rope through it and the only store in town was actually a hardware shop. I will not go through all the details because they make me laugh looking back at us, but in the end the bag incorporated 10m of hard metal that weighted about 5kg.

The model of the chain wasn’t easy to use, after we inserted the satin rope so we had to sew it manually one link at a time with invisible string . We didn’t use a closing mechanism because the chain layer was heavy enough to stay in place and to protect the contents of the bag. W used a cardboard rectangular to ensure the shape and to sustain the metal façade.

The experience was enlightening for us, we learned manly what not to do when designing and making a bag. But bold and crazy ideas are still popping in our heads! 🙂

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Projects: Bows

This is such an easy and fun project. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of different, pretty, coloured fabrics. And, of course, a little sewing knowledge. You can hand-sew them or use a sewing machine, but, trust me, you will want to use a sewing machine after hand-sewing 3 or so.

The idea came to me (well, I have to admit, it is no big deal really) because I needed something to cheer up dull, everyday outfits and, at the same time, bring a “girlie” touch to them.

The ways to use them are countless. Attach a safety-pin and you have some sort of a brooch, a hair clip and wear them in your hair, a chain and wear them around your neck. You can even turn them into bow ties.

These are only a few of the bows I made and  I still have fabric leftovers and a lot of new ideas on how to wear them, so there will be more of them coming soon.

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Project: Home sweet some keychain

One of my dearest friends and fellow crafts lover brought me this wonderful gift from her trip to Thailand.

You would think this is a easy-peasy project since you have all the fabrics almost cut to measure, exactly the amount of thread you need and even a piece of paper with the instructions on how to do it. But what if I told you the instructions were written in Thai? I can’t even begin to tell you how hopeless i felt trying to understand it. I genuinely felt sorry for all those illiterate persons and felt bad thinking how hard it is for them to get through life. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and I got myself together and tried to learn Thai. Well, learning is a big word, figuring out is more appropriate. Oh, how silly of me! How could i have the audacity of thinking i could do that? Our culture is not even remotely close to theirs.

So, I began looking at the project from another perspective. That is, how would I do it if i had no instructions at all and I started the project from scratch. I’m not actually a very competitive person and I’m not the kind to thoughtlessly enjoy any kind of challenge so this was quite big for me.

It is almost a miracle I got it done because even the thought of explaining the entire process gives me a headache. So, below you can find a few “making-of” pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend i have written thousands of words about it.

The make-you-own-house kit is sold by Pinn Shop, as it said on the package. If I ever visit Bangkok, but that is not very likely, I will make sure to pay this shop a visit. In the meantime, you can check out their website if you are among the few lucky ones to understand Thai.

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Project: Birds

I stumbled upon this little sewing project idea while I was wasting precious time on my computer and thought it was a fun way of improving your sewing skills. That, of course, after mastering the “Sewing 101” class.

At the time I made this there was some sort of a craze about birds. You could find them anywhere: on clothes, jewelery, bags, etc. so I decided to give in.

Here is the pattern and the instructions and this is what came out of it.

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